Contributed by “T” (#5)

I’ve been stood up for the last time!  I will no longer allow men to treat me like shit and take me for granted.  I am no longer so desperate for companionship that I will put up with bullshit from a man.  I finally realize that being lonely is better then being shit on and having your heart broken.  These guys act as if their dicks are made of gold.  They think they can get away with treating women any way they want because they are so special.  I now realize that men will treat you as good or as bad as you allow them to.  If you allow yourself to be a doormat then they will walk all over you.  I’ve had it!  I will not close my eyes to bad behavior any more.  I’m officially out of the dating pool.  I don’t want to date anyone, I just want to be left alone.  Until I can improve my skill at selecting a decent man as opposed to being a asshole magnet, then I will not be dating.  To any ladies living in the ******** Michigan area, do yourself a favor and stay away from both Don and Jeff from ******* Gym.  They will string you along and break your heart.