Contributed by “S” in Connecticut (#6)

I relate to so many on this website.  One criticism though.  I hope that by reading your complaints you realize just how much you put up with all the crap.  Gave way too many chances to the jerks.  I did to my last love.  He was wonderful at first.  All the things a person does for another that makes you think its just "to good to be true".  And I certainly reciprocated- with loan, money, trips, gifts, sex, etc.  He lived with me almost rent free to afford his own home after his divorce (and bankruptcy) .Anyhow, after he got his home.  Suddenly too busy for me.  Found out why right before Christmas.  Caught him sleeping with his MARRIED coworker.  AND if that wasn’t enough, never said he was sorry.  In fact he was MAD at me for ringing his doorbell and embarrassing him!  Made my Holidays very miserable.  But it is over now.  And to you all friends in sorrow-  Cut your losses and move on.  To go back to him, you’ll only get more of the same sorrow and even worse maybe a disease.  You deserve better and if we tolerate and don’t make them accountable – they wont learn. (Maybe they never will but It will be their problem, not ours)  And I’ve got 20 years of dating horror stories.  I’ve learned but can still get duped.  At least I usually catch on earlier now.  Take care. And ask for what you want and need.  Don’t settle.