Contributed by “S” in Connecticut (#8)

Me again. After reading all the submissions, I don’t feel so bad about my situation.  Sure I’m lonely, (even about a relationship that was in hindsight a con job). But I didn’t lose too much $$$$$(some).  And I didn’t have a child with the BASTARD (thank goodness he had a vasectomy. GEE WHY?).  So I don’t have to keep in touch with him like his poor ex. Talked to her by the way.  EYE OPENING! Should have done it sooner.  Don’t know if I believe all the "stuff" but when his kids (who he acted like the perfect Father with) , suddenly don’t want to see him, you wonder why? She said, one daughter thought he "touched" her in an "strange way"!!!!!!  Another daughter was somewhat shunned.  To make a long story short, he had an attitude at her Doctors appt.  Had such a bad attitude with the Ex, he took it out on the child.  "I won’t bring you home to visit UNTIL YOUR MOTHER shows me some respect!" I was told. Cried with him last Fathers Day when neither child called him.  This year? "Happy Fathers Day M* M* of *****, CT!!!!! (Bet its the same "lack of respect).  This year, DON’T wonder why.