Contributed by “M” in Michigan (#13)

My name is M from Michigan and I have recently dated an arab (from Saudi Arabia),  I tried to ignore stereotypes that they are controlling, abusive and disrespectful but 3 weeks into the relationship he wanted me to admit i was his property LITERALLY….. and he mentally abused me so much that I left him….. ladies, you got to realize there are better guys out there….i got called a bit*ch and psycho and so on but I know I’m not and I will never date an arab again….most of them do not respect women, they spend some money on you and think that they own you….next thing you know, they are screaming at you and two seconds later apologizing….. thank god i’m out of that shit! watch out for these assholes!!!!!! and know how to play the game,,,,,once you realize you’re better than taking any guys shit…they’ll see your confidence and melt over you! he’s calling me now, but i will never answer. take care!!!!!!

(Editorial note: Jerks come from all cultures. – RP)