Contributed by “M” in Iowa (#14)

I was a girl who was young and  apparently “in love”. I had been dating this guy for a few months, but nothing too serious. New Years rolls around and I decided it was okay to take our relationship to the next level. We slept together that night. It was wonderful. I felt like I had finally found someone who sincerely cared about me. I was, OF COURSE, wrong. The next day, he calls me to deliver one very specific heart breaking message. He told me he didn’t care about me, he didn’t care if he ever saw me again, wanted nothing to do with me, and led me on the whole time just to have sex. Also, he had told me the night before he wasn’t drunk, so the sex was not alcohol induced. He was drunk, as he had finally admitted, and had no feelings of me besides “just some bitch I boned.” Furthermore, my period was almost 3 weeks late. I phoned him to tell him I could possibly be pregnant. Again, he broke my heart. He insisted that, if I was pregnant, he was going to put his lawyers into action. He wasn’t going to let me have rights over our child. He told me I didn’t have the capability of being a mother EVEN THOUGH I had a job, went to school, and still made time for HIM. He was broke, jobless, and made no effort to include me in his life. The only good news I have to deliver in this story is, I wasn’t pregnant, thank god!  So are men jerks? Of course.