Contributed by “L” in Washington (#30)

When I first met him, he was very attentive, and always called when he said he would. After a while we moved in together and that is when it all changed.

Living together means you have to pay bills together. For some reason, he challenged me each time a bill came up, and tried to get out of it. For one of his reasons, He constantly complained that his job was soooo much better than mine, and that he makes more, and that he works so much harder than me (I never once tried to "compete" with him regarding our jobs)… He got fired from his job for disobeying direct orders and tried to blame it on them. He was always quick to blame anyone and anything but himself. He always bragged how he worked so hard but later when I talked to his co-workers, they said he was the most lazy and manipulative person they'd ever worked with.

Almost on a daily basis, I was accused that I was cheating on him and talking to "so many other guys" when this was far from the truth. When I saw his mail on his myspace account he talked to about ten girls on a regular basis and called at least five of them all the time! I didn't get it. Sorry for me but I shut down and hardly talked to any of my real friends. He told me I was a disgusting slut because I was in the military for 7 years (honorably discharged) and said that "all military girls are total sluts." He even went as far as to delete numbers from my phone of many of my male contacts and deleted people when he hacked into my email/myspace.

He took it upon himself to track every webpage I visited and even downloaded a program to get the passwords to everything I had a password to and checked that all the time before I deleted it from my computer.

He was violent with me. He used to scream in my face about how I was a slut because a guy emailed me and told me in the end of his letter "talk to you later beautiful". He told me I was a liar but I felt like I was constantly walking on eggshells because no matter WHAT I DID HE WOULD TWIST IT INTO SOMETHING CRAZY!! I'd want to go get some groceries (which I always purchased, and always cooked for him) and he'd say "Who are you gonna have sex with?" and call my phone while I was gone demanding to know what I was doing. I never once cheated on him or even wanted to cheat on him. I was blind, stupid and in love.

To top it all off, he totalled my beautiful car that I had paid off for over a year and spent time, money and lots of TLC on. He was stupid and turned left in front of someone who was going straight. I was furious but got an insurance settlement and for some reason he wanted me to give him a big chunk of it, saying that he deserves some of the money because he was driving… HOW STUPID! I never gave him a DIME! When I got a new car, he told me that it was stupid and how I looked stupid in it. He never had a nice word to say.

He was violent with me as well. He liked to hold me down against my will and scream in my ear. He liked to pick me up and shove me against a wall and drop me to the floor for things like getting a text message from a friend across the country. He destroyed a wall and a door in our apartment after we broke up the first time and hacked into my messenger and read a few messages I exchanged with an old friend. The police came that night and now he is living with his mommy rent free and bill free and there is a no contact order issued.

If I have to, I will testify against him in court. I can't believe I let myself be treated so bad for so long and just tried to think "oh it will get better." Because of him, my credit is ruined, my car was totalled, my psyche is totally messed up and who knows if I will ever love someone.

He's the biggest manipulator, liar and evil person on the planet.