Contributed by “L” in Oregon (#37)

Yeah, so i fell in love when i was 15 with this guy who i thought was the world, young love and lust and all that bull right? well, we dated and he took my virginity and i took his (i hope he wasn’t lying when he said that i was his first.) I fell deep for this guy. i risked lot for him. i snuck out at all hours of the night to meet with him and hook up and do whatever he wanted. my school work went to shit and my dad was pissed. we dated for 11 1/2 months. my longest relationship ever, now i cant even trust a guy enough to go on a date. This guy cheated on me with countless girls and got me so depressed that i started cutting myself and he made me feel like shit because he told me it was my fault that he skipped school and got into drugs! what a freaking loser huh? He went out with this girl after me who was a skank and he cheated on her with me, and went back and forth between me and her, drove me to the point where i was drinking myself into oblivion everyday just to make it through all the bull. I am young and already bitter like a 50 year old divorced woman. isnt that sad?

I’m 17 now, and low and behold guess who wants back in my life? he does. he took me to a movie a few weeks ago and i kept my distance, but he somehow managed to wedge himself into my heart again. I dont know why we women are so kind to these losers! they dont deserve us. They really dont. its so hard to let go you know? we have such big hearts.