Contributed by “L” in Maryland (#25)

I continue to be amazed at the neverending selfishness of my husband. I have put up w/ him being an addict, alcoholic and general asshole, simply because I am too nice I suppose. We have one child together who is nothing like his father, thank God. My husband never means what he says, if he says I will be home w/in an hour, it’s sure to be 3-4hrs. Something always comes up that’s more important than coming home. Yet once he does arrive, everyone is supposed to be grateful he’s here and even if it’s 9pm everyone is supposed to feel like talking to him and listening about his day, that obviously ended several hours ago, as he reeks of beer. What gives men the right to totally disregard their families? My husband is 49 yrs old and still parties like there’s no tomorrow. This is embarrassing to our son and I. He drinks and drives openly and thinks that’s okay. I pray he gets caught one day, before someone else gets hurt.

My most important reason for getting up is our son. He is my legacy. Men don’t care if they have a legacy…….

I hope to live alone after my son has moved out…..Peace would be nice.