Contributed by “L” (#41)

I met this guy online who lived a city over from me, our meeting was complete chance and we joked that it was fate. We talked via webcam and texted constantly for two days, we were totally hitting it off. On the webcam he told me over and over how cute and pretty I was. I am a second year college student and he Was 5 years older than me, and completely different than any other guy I have dated. He seemed fun, exciting, and, to my horrible misjudgment, very sweet.

He wanted to hang out and so did I. I still lived with my parents but was house sitting and dog watching and told him he could come over. I was so nervous, I had just recently ended a two year relationship. I changed outfits 5 times before him and his friend finally stopped by. They were there for about 20 minutes when the guy I liked started saying that his friends wanted to meet for dinner and that he really wanted to go. I was expecting him to invite me along but I was wrong. He told me they were going to go and that he would see what I was up to afterwards and asked me if I would be at home. I said yes and proceeded to sit at home for the next 6 hours. After no text or call, I sent him a text. I asked him if I didn’t meet his expectations, and he told me “kinda”. He would not even come out and say it, I told him Alright, and that he should just be upfront about it. He then responded by telling me what a cool chic I am. I said it was nice knowing him and all he gave me was a you too. Never an apology or explanation, and I am sure if I hadn’t asked him he would have just never talked to me again. I am a beautiful girl, but I have never felt so bad about myself. Suddenly by seeing me this guy lost all interest even after we had many conversations. For a week I looked in the mirror and just contemplated what part of me he didn’t like. No one has ever tore all my self confidence down so quickly.