Contributed by “K” in The South (#40)

It seems to be my lot to attract, and be attracted to jerks. My first husband lied to me constantly, ran around on both his second and third wives, and probably on me.

I caught my second husband on the phone, trying to close down a mobile home park, because he wanted to buy the land-no matter what happened to the people living there.

I fell in love with an attorney who chased me for weeks. Unfortunately, after a year of dating, he couldn’t tell his parent about me. They still loved his ex-wife, and threatened to disinherit him if he dated anyone else (or so he said.)

I became engaged to an attorney who wanted me to quit my job and work for him. I quit it on Friday, we spent the weekend together, and had a great time, or so I thought. On Monday, my birthday, I heard nothing from him. On Tuesday, I sent him an email teasing him about it. I got an angry answer and a vague, ” I think I’d rather be alone right now.” I never found out what mad him mad, but was glad I found out what a jerk he was before too late.

So now I find myself living with a man who seemed wonderful at first. No parents or children to deal with. Makes a really great living as a corporate bigwig. Loves animals and social media. I love to cook, he loves to eat. But he didn’t tell me he was a tea partier even after I told him I was a liberal. It took him six months to tell me. Wants to argue politics, which I hate. Watches the news every waking moment, including during dinner, which I also hate. He knows how I feel, he just doesn’t care. And I am tired of every meal turning into a battlefield. I just eat quickly and leave the room as soon as possible.

Last night a neighbor came over (which he frequently does.) We both like the neighbor. I come out and speak to him, and then I generally go back into my office and work or watch tv. I did this last night, but came out where they were to fix myself a drink. The neighbor asked me if I had read a book, and I said I had, prompting a conversation about our favorite authors. The whole time, the boyfriend make rude comments about my boobs and other assets which embarrassed me. I told him to be quiet and warned him that I would remind him what a jerk he was today. He continued.

After about a half hour he abruptly got up and said he was tired. It was obvious the conversation was winding down and my favorite show came on. He picked up the remote. I said to him “Hey, I’m watching that!” and he continued to turn off the remote. I didn’t want to make a scene in front of the neighbor, so I said good night to jackass and the neighbor got up, tried not to be embarrassed himself and said he needed to go. I walked him to the door. I have no idea what to do next.

But I know one thing, I have horrible judgment and need to stay away from men.

K in The South