Contributed by “K” in Kansas (#11)

Here is my contribution to why I know the majority of men are jerks.  I tried an experiment at an online dating site by posting two profiles (both without photos).  In both postings I wrote up the same basic personality traits, interests, and what I was searching for in a man.  The only difference was that in one I said I was divorced and lived in an apartment, and in the second profile I said I was a widow and that my house was paid off.

Well, golly gee, can you guess when posting received the most replies?  You got it!  The "widow" who owned her home received no less than ten responses within the first 24 hours.  And the divorced lady who lived in an apartment?  She received one reply during a one-week period.  And here’s the clincher:  the guy who replied to the divorcee wrote that he was not really interested because he refused to get involved with anyone who didn’t show their photo.  And who was he? He was the first one to reply to the "widow" (who also didn’t show a photo), and said that he was ready, willing and able to meet with her any place at anytime.  And men claim that women are dishonest gold-diggers?

So what did that prove?  It proved that to most men, women are nothing more than a nurse, a purse and/or sex toy.

Before my "experiment", I did meet two guys online that I briefly dated.  Both wanted sex the first day we met, and neither one of them spent any time at all attempting to find out anything about me….who I was, what I wanted, etc.  It was all about them and jumping in the sack.

I am now going solo and am so much better off spending time with friends and forgetting about the dating scene.  I don’t have to worry about a guy being horney all the time, critical of me and my appearance, wanting me to live my life through him, putting up with his laziness and expecting me to wait on him hand and foot while he falls asleep on the couch.  No thanks!