Contributed by “K” in Illinois (#20)

Why do we nice women always fall for the jerks?!!?! I met this guy, we dated for a couple months then started talking about him moving in. We were talking of a life together. Moving, starting a business, getting married…..then he starts with the need for change. He doesn’t let my dog in my house, tells me my 2 kids need more rules, more discipline, more chores, more consequences. Then my house wasn’t neat enough nor big enough for him, he wanted me to buy a bigger house but he didn’t think he should have to pay since it wasn’t his house and he wouldn’t gain anything from paying me. Then when I told him I couldn’t move into a bigger house for him, after all I have two kids I have to support not a grown man of 40, he left. Said that it wasn’t working. Then I find out he did the same thing to his prior girlfriend, and he was talking to her the whole time we were dating and went to pick up her motorcycle with her. He said that he felt like he had to since when they were dating she financed a Harley for him because he had no credit and if he didn’t do things for her he would loose the bike. He never told her he was seeing me and told her he was living at his brothers house. He had gotten her pregnant and told her he wanted her to have an abortion. She said that she would raise the baby alone but then miscarried. He doesn’t have a job, his business has failed. He won’t go out and get a job so he gets by on constantly mooching off women until he gets a little money then moves out and gets his own place until the money is gone. Then he finds another unsuspecting woman. I asked him more questions today and all I got were lies. Men suck!!! All Men Suck!!

He started out really sweet, telling me how great I smelled and how perfect I fit into his arms. That he wanted to take care of me. Brought me coffee every morning that I stayed at his townhouse he was renting the week my kids spent spring break @ Grandma and Grandpas. Made me dinner, rubbed my feet, came to my work in the am and met me just to say good morning, text me most mornings with a good morning baby! Said that he loved me and my kids and wanted a normal life like I could give him. He just wants people to feel sorry for him because his mother died when he was twelve and his life changed for the worst after his father married some evil stepmother who clawed his skin out with her nails. He lives off women now making them feel sorry for him and he feels like he is owed something because he was gypped  out of a happy childhood. He is 41 now and feels like he has worked enough in his life. Well join the real world honey, the rest of us have to work for what we have so what makes you so special!?!?! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and making others feel sorry for you and get a life!! And a job for that matter! He thinks that his ill grandfather is going to die and leave his all this money which he probably doesn’t have since he lives in a trailer park and his grandmother is doing fine, so I don’t think he is going to be rich anytime soon. Get a job and get off women! I can’t help but still have feelings for him and how things used to be, I still feel sorry for him even though I know that he is a lire and uses women. If he wasn’t so damn beautiful on the outside he wouldn’t get anything from another woman ever again. But he is fucking beautiful. Gorgeous ass, legs, total package too bad he is fucked up on the inside……..

Ok, so I’m not done with my rant on this guy. I didn’t mention previously that he had been married three times and has a daughter from his second wife. His first marriage lasted about six months and he had it annulled. He wanted to move in with the girl and she wouldn’t move in with him unless they were married so….. six months later they were done and he had moved on. Then came the second wife. They were engaged but he called it off and then found out she was pregnant so he felt it was the right thing to do, getting married. They were married 11/2 years and got divorced. I was told that he cheated on her all the time and he left for some chick he met at the bar. When they were together he decided they should quite drinking. She had a child which her mother was raising cause she was a drunk and he talked her into taking her child back after they quite drinking.

They were together a total of ten years so he says, married for five and the last year he didn’t even live there. She started drinking again and left him for some other guy. His daughter, who lives with her mother (wife no. 2) he hardly ever sees and rarely ever gives money to her mother for her. When he was living in the town home he was renting she slept in the second bedroom on the floor because he didn’t even have a bed for her! His 3rd ex wife wouldn’t allow her to their house because she didn’t like her, so he says. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t even provide her with a bed to sleep in. He had a Harley, a new truck and was renting a really nice townhouse but his daughter slept on the floor. And he was telling me how to raise my kids?!?!?!

Oh, and did I mention that he smoked pot? When he told me I almost called it off. It was the very beginning but he said that he would quit. I told him I had heard that before and he said that people change for people they love and that he would show me that he didn’t have to. I was soo upset that I laid in bed all day that Monday. But after talking to him several times during the day I continued on in the relationship, against my better judgment, because he was so wonderful and beautiful. There were a couple times that he was outside cleaning out my pool when he would run in the house right past me and go wash his mouth out in the bathroom.

Once I went out there to see what he was doing and I could smell the pot and couldn’t believe it. I had just let him move into my house and he promised me that he wouldn’t bring it around me or my kids and there he was, living in my house, smoking pot! I am totally against any drugs of any kind and he knew that. But for some reason I didn’t say anything. Anyway, he did do me one favor and that is he put my bedroom back together that my ex had ripped up to remodel but then let it sit for six months before he moved out and into his girlfriends house. So thanks for that. He is supposed to come over this weekend and get the rest of the stuff he left at my house when he moved out three months ago. I haven’t seen him since he left and it’s driving me crazy thinking of seeing him. I know he’s a player but, what is my problem?

So he came by yesterday to get the rest of the things he left when he moved out three months ago and we talked a little. I offered him some coffee and then he left. He texted me that he wanted to give me a hug and he wanted me to know that. I told him to come back to get it but he said that he couldn’t. I really think he is just saying that to see what I would say but I really still wish he would be the one, the man of my dreams that he was in the beginning. Sweet, fun, loving, and totally hot. He is still hot and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed if he wanted back in even knowing all I know. Call me stupid………….