Contributed by “J” in Texas (#3)

Okay… we started out as friends and I really didn’t like him all that much.  Some how it evolved into more.  I remember going to into work and telling the girls, “I slept with him again and it was horrible again”, “Why do I keep doing it?”  My friend says “He seems like such a nice guy, give him a chance”.

5 years later after finding the best sex of my life and completely falling in love with this man I am still being shit on by him.  Why doesn’t he just make it easy for me and put a bullet in my head now?  He has a really bad habit of not returning phone calls for weeks at a time.  When we first got together he kept getting phone calls all the time from some “psycho chick”.  She would call and call and leave really ugly messages for him.  He always said, “She’s crazy, I don’t know what her deal is, we were never together”.  So one night he was over and she was calling he had my friend answer the phone and say, “he’s busy right now, with me”.  We all laughed and I really thought she was crazy.  Well, five years later I have so much sympathy for this “psycho chick” because now I am her!! We went to the cook off one weekend and somehow got separated.  So I call his cell from my cell.. some bitch answers the phone and says… “He’s busy right now.. in my crotch”.  I was furious, we broke up that weekend.  After many apologies we got back together.

And then we broke up again.

It’s been a year now since we lost touch and I miss him so much and just wish that he were back in my life again.  Be careful what you wish for because he called me, I have seen him once and of course we ended up in having great sex again.  Then I found out he has been living with someone for the past year! But I still love him!  And I hate him.  What are men such assholes?  He still says he loves me and that one day he is going to marry me.  Of course he only says that when I am on top.

He makes me crazy.  We had lunch plans today, he was supposed to call me and tell me where he wanted to meet.  At 11:15 I finally called him and told him to go to hell!  Of course it wasn’t actually him because he wouldn’t answer his phone.  Instead I got his voicemail and had a conversation with myself, as usual.  I am sure he will call me back.  He always does but it will be at his convenience and leisure. Probably next week sometime when he will have some lame excuse why he never called.

He’s going hunting this weekend, I hope he shoots his dick off…. maybe if that’s gone I won’t love him so much anymore.