Contributed by “J” in Ohio (#31)

I met this guy in high school…we were in a ton of classes together. One Day he asks me to go out with him… It was that day before Valentines day. So sweet! So any ways we ended up together for 4+ years. Everything was going great He asked me to marry him, I got a great night job. Then, behind my back my cousin and her best friend start going over to his house. He starts dating her friend…and a couple of weeks later he CALLS me and tells me that he never loved me and he was leaving me for someone else and to give him back his ring. I gave him back the ring….and would you know that a month after that he traded in my ring for a bigger one and ask him to marry her and they did. (about a year after that he told my cousin that he shouldn't have done that and he should have stayed with me) WHAT EVER JERK!!!!!!!!!