Contributed by “J” Idaho (#21)

The Jerk: James ******** in Idaho.

Webster’s Definition of “James ********”: Dumbass (noun)

Red Flag #1: Bailing on girlfriend to spend time drinking with male buddies 10 years younger.

Red Flag #2: Telling girlfriend which motorcycle she SHOULD buy.

Red Flag #3: Telling girlfriend that since he pays more for his house and his house is nicer that he won’t be coming over to your house.

Red Flag #4: Trying to convince you to move in, but slipping up by saying that he needs you to move in because his financial position is poor.

Red Flag #5: Spending all of his time with his little buddies….who are all 10 years younger in their early 20s….drinking.

Red Flag #6: Telling girlfriend that he doesn’t like any of her friends so he won’t be spending any time with them.

Red Flag #7: Blaming you instead of taking accountability when he drinks too much and forgets that he has made plans to do something the next day with you.

Red Flag #8: Telling you that he wants children and if you get pregnant he’ll take care of you and the baby.

Red Flag #9: When you do get pregnant, you find he has flat out lied about providing ANY financial assistance and you ultimately have to threaten a law suit to recoup even a quarter of the cost you had to shovel out first.

Red Flag #10: After all of that, he has the audacity AFTER the end has come and gone to approach your friends and spend 45 minutes giving a sob story to the poor chaps telling how he screwed up so badly, he made many mistakes and would consider asking to date again in 4 to 5 months perhaps like the complete idiot he is.

Red Flag #11: Completely uneducated.

Red Flag #12: His own dad refers to him as a flake.

Red Flag #13: His grandparents want nothing to do with him.

Red Flag #14: His friends recognize he is a drunk and refer to him as a “good guy with issues”.

Red Flag #15: Has been hired and fired by the same employer 5 times.

Red Flag #16: Has no aspiration to be anything more than a motorcycle sales person for the rest of his life, unless he moves to Mexico to serve as a fishing guide though he doesn’t own a boat and doesn’t know shit about Mexico.

Summary: Found out the hard way that James ******** is the ultimate jerk and a red flashing warning sign should be secured to his forehead to indicate such. Lots of warning signs ignored because apparently some of us women try way to hard, are way too tolerant and still too submissive when it comes to dating.

Be strong, women. Go with your instincts. Be strong and demand respect, command respect and don’t compromise your morals. Force yourself to see the forest through the trees and recognize red flags when you know they are there. A man who will get angry when you try to bring up the issues is not respectful and certainly not worth your time.