Contributed by “G” in California (#39)

Hey girls,

Just a few hours ago I DUMPED a jerk…he was not markedly ‘jerky’ for a long time, but lately he just IS. I have surgery next week & tho we have been "involved" for a like 3 months now, he is totally taking me for granted…won’t move my stuff into my new place(I have 0 furniture for 1 month so far). He shined a BRIGHT flashlite in my eyes other nite AFTER I made the creep dinner!!! He doesn’t pay child support – THAT should have been a red flag, DUH! He does not mind "doing" me, but has a glitch when it comes to helping me when I am indeed very alone and could really USE some help. SCHMUCK!!!

He has -out of the blue it seems- taken to habitually arguing the stupidest crap( he is NOT THE SHARPEST KNIFE in the drawer, for the record). Let me be frank: He is one DUMB S.O.B. His saving grace for the longest time- till recently- has been that " Yea, he’s dumb as a bag of dirt, true, but he is so NICE to me, so SWEET!"

Well, he is a jerk like all the others now…I do not know how to prevent this phenomenon; it keeps happening. They take me for granted at some point EVERY time and I am over 40(I look younger)…I feel like a s—_magnet!!!

I heard some other SUPER-jerk use that term 20 yrs ago, talking about some other chick( who actually WAS a bit of a doormat). UGGH!

What I told him thismorning, when I was fed up-last straw, etc, was "If you have such a hard time keeping a promise and want to badger me about a ride from surgery-follow-up, 10 miles away, when I have NOBODY- I didn’t say that as it goes without saying-I’ll just pay for a car ( I vow never to take a taxi again..they are the biggest creeps alive as u may or may not know, at least in my neck of the woods…I’d rather do that than beg like some pathetic mutt to give me a lift. ANY TRUCK-DRIVER last time I checked would be happy to do me the favor!! But not my smuck boyfriend.

I blind-sided him with a cruel truth or 2, that I was embarrassed to be seen with him, and that he is an idiot-BOTH TRUE. It just came out.

I am very lonely, VERY, but I could not take anymore smart-ass, cheap, stupid comments from a dummy and a weasel. I will feel sorry later, but I will just deal with it.