Contributed by “E” in California (#15)

I am young and ignorance seems to follow, but there is one thing that I have learned in my 27 years. Men are the most selfish breed of animal, or as I like to refer to them manimal, on the face of God’s good green planet. They think about themselves all day long, all of the time. If they do in fact seem to break free form there selfish ways, like perhaps buying you flowers, telling you that you look nice without having to ask, recognizing how hard you work, telling you that they love your laugh, I assure you this is all a scam. They just want to sleep with you, or for you to give them a B.J., or for you to snap out of your bad mood so that he can relax while he cons you into giving him a B.J. on the way to the party. You do it because he is being sweet, you do it because you think that he will think that you are sexy and adventurous, and what happens when you get to the party? He ignores you, he drinks beer and talks over you, he talks about his hobbies whatever they may be and he doesn’t include you. If you walk over to him he may put his arm around you, he may kiss you on the cheek, but he will not say a word, or look at you at all, you are purely there for show, and then he will make you drive home, regardless of the fact that you haven’t been out for 7 months and he goes twice a month at least. Admit women, men need us to take care of them; we need them for that occasional ounce of affection that they give us. But man o man, do we have to work hard for it. I am married to a struggling musician and we have two kids. I work full time, do most of the house work, make dinner every night, and I support him and his music all of the time. I break my back and work as hard as I can because I love my family and want what is best for them. I slap on a smile regardless of how I ache inside. I have sacrificed most of my person to get done what needs to be done and he never bats an eye. And why do I do this you ask; he is a good father to his children and can be loving and sweet to me (sometimes). I would be working just as hard without him, if not harder, so don’t think me a fool. My biggest fear is that I will be sucked dry, every last once of me consumed in that smile of mine, welcoming menopause with excitement as it will give me an excuse to go crazy. Letting everything that I have bottled up to avoid those endless power trips and ridiculous go no where fights where he ends up twisting my thoughts and words into a big ball of “you don’t care about me” bull shit. Men-o-pause. A pause from men. I can’t wait. I just hope that I make it.

Sincerely yours,

Blah … ;P