Contributed by “D” in Texas (#44)

I met a guy on POF, and after talking on the phone, decided to meet for coffee. He was VERY good looking, and when we sat down, he looked into my eyes and said he felt an incredible connection. After several cups of coffee, he convinced me that we should go back to my place. When we got there, he started grabbing food out of my fridge, and started eating it like he was starving. Of course he wanted sex, and afterward, he just stayed and stayed. He brought a bag, so here he was for the night. During the night, he kept getting up and looking around, especially in my guest room.

Not long after, he was coming over, so I closed the door to the guest room. He just goes to the bathroom a lot, and goes in that room. So I told him I wanted to keep the door closed so the cats won’t go in there. So……..he had some of his stuff on the bed in that room, and said he was getting his wallet, and closed the door after he went in. I have my bank statements and other types of paper on my desk. He was in there for a long time, so I walked in. He was standing there looking in his bag. I’m sure that he knows how much money I have, or I don’t think he’d be that interested. He also wants to know what kind of prescriptions I take, and he asked if he could have some trazodone. To go to sleep at night he takes trazodone, Benadryl, NyQuil and Tylenol PM. And, he keeps the NyQuil by the bed and sips on it all night. He asked if I had any xanax or hydrocodone.

I had a pile of my son’s clothes on the floor that I was going to take to Goodwill, and he started looking through them. He wanted them all! They were much too small for him. The next morning I made breakfast for him, hoping that he would leave. But he hung around for several more hours, eating my food, watching cable TV and watching the news. He kept wandering around from room to room.

Two days later, he showed up to take me to dinner. I was so embarrassed because he was dressed in my son’s clothes from head to toe. They were all too small, but he thought he looked great. When we got home, I told him that I had an early morning, and it hurt his feelings, but he did leave.

Now he’s hinting around that he wants to rent my spare bedroom, and that maybe I could give him a job. I can see it now, he would sit the whole time and watch CNN, and I would be doing all the work! He also wants to buy my car! I think he’s a nutcase.

I am not going to answer his calls and hopefully he will disappear! But those are the kind of people that are hard to get rid of. The bad thing is that he knows where I live…I need to be smarter when it comes to men! He is pretty good in bed, but very selfish. It’s all about him. I know there are good men out there, but for now, I am not available!!