Contributed by “D” in Ohio (#23)

Well, my rant is about an instructor I had recently (oh, and by the way, it’s not the first teacher/professor/instructor to come on to me) who began first with long looks at me, which I ignored. Of course he was good looking, but I wasn’t looking and I was also old enough to be his mother and he’s married, so I just let it slide, figured he’d get the hint. But he didn’t. He started touching me (accidentally on purpose) and pretty much did so every class. I began to have feelings for him after one such encounter, which was my mistake, I know but to top this story off, I think he was doing it with more than one female in class. I walked into the ladies’ room the other evening during class and one of the other girls from class was in there and I could tell she’d been crying. I had the distinct impression it was because of him. I pretty much got the idea from his not answering my emails that he was full of shit, but I guess I just didn’t see how much full of it he was until the other night.

Can anything get it through to guys like this how much they hurt women just to feed their faltering egos? Everyone wants to be admired, but seeking it out from women only to hurt or use them and doing it behind their wives’ backs is really pretty low. Don’t you agree?