Contributed by “C” in Rhode Island (#38)

Last year his hairdresser and my hairdresser tried to fix us up. We chatted on the phone every day for almost a month. Finally the day came when he asked me to join him for lunch. I was so excited. The day came and I called him as planned. He was busy and said he would call me back. Needless to say he called that night said he was busy and that was the last I heard of him.

Fast forward to this summer. I found him on a social website, a friend of a friend. I sent him an innocent message just saying hi. Over this summer we slowly got close, talking every day and texting all day long. Hundreds of texts. This time was different. Lots of compliments and remarks of how nice it would be to be together. Then the fated let’s watch a movie tonight came from him. I couldn’t that night, but said tomorrow?  He said yes. The next day came. He called me at the end of my work day. We were on phone for 57 minutes and never once did he mention a movie. What he did do was complain about how women on dating sites want perfect hunkey men and at his age that wasn’t going to happen. I was totally taken back, trying to figure out how to turn his talk of other women around to the night we were supposed to be having. I never did and he ended the call. I didn’t hear back from him at all that night.

A few days later I may have sent him an email letting him know that he was a jerk and really hurt my feeling for blowing me off a SECOND time. He of course got mad and now is again not talking to me. Last year was bad enough. This time around even though I kept telling myself I wouldn’t, I did develop feelings for him. I really thought this was different with all the talk and kind words. Man was I wrong.

Moral to the story. Men don’t change. If they *#@* you over once, don’t be blinded and think they won’t a second time.

First time shame on them. Second time shame on me.