Contributed by “A” in Virginia (#10)

Ok well….Here is My Story.  Trust me this is just one of the many A-hole stories attributing to men in this world.  This man I have known for over 2 ½ years, been trying to talk to for some time and was told was “too busy with work and the children to have time for me” decided to finally fit me in last Friday.  How nice of him.  Went to dinner and had a blast.  Never had such a great conversation with someone that is 14+ years older than me.  (don’t worry still cute).  Well I asked him if he wanted to come hang out at my place and watch a movie (and that was seriously my only intention).  Minute he comes in, he heads towards me and starts kissing me.  No complaints at the time.  I have really liked him for quite some time, and this is sort of an add on to a previous situation between up around Valentines Day.  Well after some hot an heavy heat, it dies down and we go to watch the movie and condensate for a bit.  Gets a foot rub from me (and I never do that) and then he proceeds to walk me back to my bedroom.  Well there is gets a lot better (or worse after it happens) and it does not go 100% but certainly got lose.  After all that we try one more time to watch a movie only to watch him freak out and tell me that he has a girlfriend already in another state.  Then tells me that he liked it, but makes up every excuse in the book why it could never be real between us.  I find out just today (6/28) that I am not the only local girl and that he swings both ways.  How sweet.  WHAT A JERK!!!  And this is my screw up (because I was thinking that he needed someone to treat him right and I was single and so was he), but now I have to see him 5 days a week.  CATCH MY DRIFT!!!!  What is a woman to do?  I am so sour and upset right now and feel so used.  MEN ARE JERKS!!!!!