Contributed by “A” in Pennsylvania (#33)

I am a 51 year old widow. Three years ago I was introduced by a friend to a widower that was 19 years older than me. He treated me like a lady. He would take me to Atlantic City (which I found out later was free for him, because he was using his friend's comps).

One day while at the shore I got a phone call that I needed to call someone on business. He got so angry that you would have thought I had did something awful. I was scared and cried. I said to take me home, but the rest of the day he made me walk along the beach, but not talking. I let that go.

I bought myself a used Corvette, and he screamed and yelled at me like we were married or lived together. He wouldn't see me for days because of my purchase. I thought most men would say "wow, take me for a ride in it, or can I drive it." No, not him.

We went shopping the first Christmas, and he wanted a Movado watch. I paid around $1000 for it, which I hadn't done for a man ever before. When I mentioned my gift, he said "we'll come back some other time." I said no we aren't, so we went into a jewelry store, where he had me purchase the diamond ring, and then he wrote a check to reimburse me.

Other times we would go to a drive through, and he wouldn't offer to pay, and would let me pay for his food. He would go with me to the grocery store and put a friend's birthday card with my groceries, and stupid me would end up paying for it. It only got worse.

His granddaughter who is 24 was living with him at first, and unknown to me, was a drug addict. One of his daughter's had passed away years ago with alcoholism (the girl's mother). His other daughter is some executive vice president of a cable company, and didn't even want to meet me, ignored me, hated me, because she was afraid he would die, and I might get his money (by the way he had money, is in stocks heavily). Her name was on his home, and he said his will stated everything goes to her, so I don't know what she was worried about! I never got invited to any family functions or anything, just like I was a piece of trash.

I forgot to mention in his earlier years he was an alcoholic, was a bartender and loved the women. He left his wife for another woman for several months, then ran around on the girlfriend, then his wife took him back, and he still ran around on her. I'm glad I didn't know him then! Well when I would ever tell him how selfish he was, or how mean he was, his face got really red, and he would scream at me at the top of his lungs. He told me once he would love to knock my head off of my shoulders.

The latest is me being down in the dumps, and calling him while drinking wine. I guess I spoke the truth, and he screamed at me over the phone saying "f" you, and called me a whore. He hasn't called me at all to see how I am doing (since I am very depressed in my life at this time), and can just easily say he was lying and never loved me like he said. It's like this man has absolutely no feelings at all. He only cares for himself and his daughter and granddaughters. My heart is broken.

Ladies, if you ever meet this 70 year old man in the Philadelphia area who has white hair and gorgeous blue eyes, run as fast as you can, before you are hurt and tortured mentally. He had physically abused his wife when she was living, but never touched me, because he knew I would have him arrested.