Contributed by “A” (#19)

Today my husband ruined my favorite tree. It was a magnolia. He has always hated it and wanted it gone. A couple years ago, he pulled out the other tree that I really liked and replaced it with one he wanted. Well, today I was putting up the Halloween decorations with my kids and he was pruning the trees. I asked him where the pruners were so I could clip a few straggly limbs off my Magnolia and he said he’d do it for me. I had my back turned for just a few moments and when I turned around he had clipped all of the limbs off except for a few that shot straight up. He walked away saying to my tree, "you’re kind of ugly, but you’ll be just fine." I stood there in shock with my eyes filling with tears. I couldn’t hold back crying so I ran into the house and tried to go to sleep. After about an hour of lying there devastated I went out and cut what was left of my tree down. I asked him why he had to do it and commented that he didn’t have any problem pruning his trees properly. He just laughed and said, "Yeah, it was a conspiracy against your tree." Every really big hurt I have ever experience in my life has been because of a man. They are all jerks.