A different Point of View by “B” in Texas (#29)

At the risk of incurring the wrath of women everywhere, I must say that I disagree with the premise that men are jerks. Male bashing has become a popular sport in our country, costing men more than just a little in terms of self-esteem, freedom of speech and in fact, putting them in a very similar place to the one women were in before the Women’s Lib movement freed us to be "equals".

What if, as Rob Becker, creator of Defending the Caveman, contends, men are not jerks (sub his expletive), but merely different from women? There are some people who mistreat others, but they come in both genders. It is true that some men lie, cheat and exploit. It is equally true for some women.

If a website were to appear stating that women were jerks, there would be such a loud hue and cry across the land (not to mention countless lawsuits) that men would fairly tremble in fear of repercussions. Why the double standard? Wasn’t that what we were trying to get rid of with Women’s Lib??

I submit that men are not jerks. They are just men (apologies to Tammy Wynette). We women are disappointed that they are different from us, and we turn that disappointment into criticism. Do we really want them to be like us? Would we find them attractive if they were? I don’t think so. Keep in mind that while we young girls were playing with dolls and playing house, the boys were out playing sports and other activities usually involving battles, i.e. killing each other. Harkening back to cave times, we are hardwired to do what we do best. Men protect, women nurture. Do you think we could cut the gender a break and just say (if we must) that some men are jerks, and some men are princes???