Can you be scammed?

A few years ago, after a friend of mine was taken for about $10,000 in a romance scam she fell for, I posted a link to this MSNBC article: Seduced into scams: Online lovers often duped.

You’d think it would be almost impossible to fall into such a trap, but the people behind the scams are very bright at working the crowd to find their victims. This post on the Neuromarketing blog tells how the scammers can send millions of emails and quickly find a few patsies to make their enterprise profitable. The article highlights a common banking scam, but the same strategies can work on dating sites.

And remember, to a scammer Desperation = Gullibility

One thought on “Can you be scammed?

  1. loneliness, depression, and shame, is a cry of desperation = Gullibility to a scammer who has spent time with you learning everything they can to entrap you, making you feel you are someone, and cared for by them. They take over your life, and become as real as any person in your life!

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