A jerk gets his

This is just a hoot … justice is served to a tail-gating, finger-flaunting idiot. I hope your employer, coworkers AND your momma see this, Buddy. You can read the full story (and see the jerk’s name) on the Huffington Post.

Now, if we could just teach Florida Driver to shoot her videos in landscape. Still, she captured everything that was important. Way to go!

Dove Does It Again

Idealized female body images are usually the work of men. Photographers, advertising art directors, graphic designers and photo-retouchers all play their part in creating “perfected” images of women. The clever people at Dove (Canada) came up with a strategy to raise awareness among the very people responsible for creating insecurity among so many women. Via Joe Berkowitz at Fast Company’s Co.Create

Dove: Thought Before Action

This is not the first time that Dove has taken a swing at public mis-perception: Dove Evolution (2006)

How Romney Would Treat Women

Interesting opinion piece from Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times

“To me, actually, talk about a “war on women” in the United States seems a bit hyperbolic: in Congo or Darfur or Afghanistan, I’ve seen brutal wars on women, involving policies of rape or denial of girls’ education. But whatever we call it, something real is going on here at home that would mark a major setback for American women — and the men who love them.”

“On these issues, Mitt Romney is no moderate.”